Computer Stuck Loading

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PC Worx has the knowledge and training to fix all of your common problems affordably and fast!

  • Computer won't turn on
  • Very loud/noisy computer
  • Poor performance, system running slow, websites loading slow or not loading at all
  • Viruses, spyware
  • Pop ups
  • Hardware upgrades and repairs
  • Printer, keyboard, mouse issues

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Most problems are resolved in the same day and for less than $125.
You can bring your system to us or we can come to your home or business.


Computer Hardware

Troubleshooting and Repair

We can troubleshoot and diagnose your system to determine the cause of your problems. Often times the symptoms could point to both failed hardware such as bad memory OR a software issue. We will determine what the issue is and provide you the available options to repair it. 

Computers are made up of all sorts of pieces and parts and sometimes those parts go bad or wear out and need replaced. 


Sometimes it's not cost effective to replace your whole computer, but maybe you need a boost in performance to run the latest version of your favorite software package or to play the latest video game. 

We can upgrade your systems performance in several ways including faster hard drives, additional memory, upgraded video cards, etc.


Software Issues

Performance Issues

Maybe you've noticed your computer has been running very slow lately. It could be time for some maintenance. Computers need regular maintenance to ensure they are performing their best. We can run through this with you to resolve your issues and at the same time, educate you on some things you can do as preventative maintenance yourself. 

Application / Web Browser / Operating System Issues

From your favorite website not loading or errors in your software, to a broken operating system that will not boot up - we can fix it!

Spyware / Virus

You spend a lot of time on your computer, and likely share sensitive information such as credit cards for example. Unfortunately hackers are always trying to work their way into your system and sometimes they do. An infected PC can put your personal information at risk as well as cause severe performance issues, errors, pop ups, etc.  We are able to determine if your system could be infected and can perform several procedures to clean up your system as well as protect it in the future.


Printers / Scanners / Cameras / Etc


If you're having issues with your printers, scanners, cameras etc you've came to the right place. Software issues on your computer can cause problems with your devices, or the device could be broken themselves. We'll work with you troubleshoot the issue and either repair or guide you on replacing the device.


Technology can be intimidating. Let us help you install and connect your new equipment. Most new devices can be connected over your existing WiFi connection, enabling you to place and operate them anywhere in your home without the mess of any wires.