computer security

Is your computer and network safe?

Is your wifi network safe? Is your computer properly protected with a quality anti virus software? Is your computer up to date? Is your network behind a firewall?

These are all very important questions that you should be asking yourself.  Your identity and privacy could potentially be at risk if you've answered no to any of those questions!

We have a solution for all of the above and beyond. Continue reading for more information or call us today for a free evaluation!

Network Solutions


If you're looking for help with your wireless internet connection, you have come to the right place. We offer a variety of services from helping to lock down and secure your wifi network, to extending the range of your signal throughout your entire home to weak signal areas, or areas with no signal at all. 

Security Cameras

We are able to help install and configure security camera systems, from a simple camera to a full recording and management system.


While antivirus helps get rid of unwanted programs or files, a firewall prevents the intruder from ever reaching your system in the first place. This is critical to the security of every device on your entire network.  A firewall will identify and block unwanted network traffic before it ever enters your network. 

Wifi Network Router Printer Laptop



There are several reasons that a properly functioning and updating antivirus program is critical. Viruses are meant to go undetected, without the proper software you could go months or years with a virus and never know. This virus could be gathering your sensitive information such as credit cards or personal information, company data if you do any work from home, sending out unwated messages, causing poor performance or errors on your system, etc.  

When your computer is infected it also puts other devices at risk on your network, or anyone that you may email, etc.  A heavily infected system can take hours upon hours to clean up and can sometimes get very expensive, it is much more worth while to protect yourself properly in the first place.  Also, new malware is released daily. Just because you may have antivirus software on your system, if it is not properly updating daily, it is almost useless. 

We are able to setup software that you need to stay protected and up to date. In the unfortunate event that you are infected, we are prepared with a range of different techniques and special software to clean your system. 

Patching & Updates

Most software vendors release updates to their software on a regular basis. Microsoft, for example, updates Windows monthly. These updates often include new features, performance enhancements, bug fixes or more importantly... critical security updates to known vulnerabilities. It's important that you are updating regularly. We can go through your system to make sure that it is up to date and that it continues to update your software automatically.