Data Recovery, Backup Solutions and More!

We have the tools you need to recover lost data, install backup software, set backup schedules and more. We will work with you to customize a backup solution that fits your needs. 

data restore

Did You Know?

Did you know that even if your computer won't boot up, or your hard drive is crashed.. you may still be able to recover data and documents from your hard drive?


hard drive recovery

Data Recovery

Using special software and hardware, we are often times able to recover your data that has been either lost, deleted or corrupted.

Even if your computer will not power on or your operating system does not load, we are able to get the data back and stored safely on another computer or drive for you.

Recover lost data from:

  • Accidentally deleted files
  • Items removed from the recycling bin
  • Data loss after a virus attack
  • Data loss after an operating system crash
  • Desktops / Laptops / SD Cards
backup and recovery

Backup Solutions

Why backup?

Did you know that 70% of companies suffer from data loss at some point? Data loss can happen to anyone at any time for several reasons including old hardware, a virus, accidental deletion, etc. Having your files backed up means that you can have peace of mind knowing that your data is protected in an unfortunate situation of data loss. 

Customized to Your Needs

Whether you want to back up family photos or your companies payroll database, we can create a solution specific to your needs to assure you that your data is protected by running backups as often as required and at a time that does not interrupt your work or use of the computer. 


Restoring data is as simple as a few clicks to replace the missing file. Not only can you restore missing files, but you will be able to restore multiple versions of the same file. Data will be stored in a central location, meaning if you ever add or change computers, your data will be accessible from the new system and you will not need to transfer data to another computer.  You can also share this data out to other computers on your network or in your household as well.